by Locked Away

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released November 15, 2016

Vocal, Guitar, and Bass tracking by JR Gallagher
Drum tracking by Liam Geary at Bedford Street Studios in Bridgewater, MA
Mixed and Mastered by Sean Hart



all rights reserved


Locked Away Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Heavy Hardcore

Nate - Vocals
Zachary - Guitar
Josh - Bass
Matt - Drums

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Track Name: Tread
Let's take a walk in my shoes.
Tread in the path where you're born to lose.
Where there's no restriction in rule.
And no tolerance for fools.
Fuck all you fake fucks,
And all of your fake talk.
Time to set them straight.
Are you ready to feel what I lived for.

Can you handle it?
Track Name: Void
You're always talking noise, but only with your boys
A toy with no poise
Stuck in a hive mind void.
Rough to the touch.
To tough to give a fuck.
Your reign is fake,
And you're out of luck.

Lone wolves. have heart
There's no help from the start.
Tooth to flesh.
Bloods sheds.
With no one in the end.
Track Name: Take Off
All you wanna talk is pain and the struggle you lived
When it all comes down it doesn't matter to me
So scrap that mean mug
Scratch that demeanor called tough
Don't even open up
Take Off

Fuck where you were from.
Fuck where you're at.
I've heard it all before.
Your stories less than whack.
How can you try to relate with me
Just stop, give up, and be set free.

From your insecure self.
Stop trying to lie.
We all know that Hilfiger's just a fucking disguise.

From who you really are
It comes as no surprise.
Just be yourself have no care for nobody else.
Just break out of your fucking shell
Track Name: Out of Line
Everything I've been taught is just a fucking lie
I don't want to live life in a single file line

Don't want no suit and tie
Just my people and I
Strive for no less
And have what's right to survive
Don't give me that talk
Hang your head down and walk
Don't look at me
Just leave me be

Sick of words being tossed down my throat
It just leaves me to choke with no voice of hope
Track Name: Hard Time
Don't tell me not to fret about the past.
It's not what it seems what you see is happening.
Severed ties, clouded minds, open eyes and too many lies.

A desire tied me down with razor wire binds
Inside, I died but I had to say goodbye.

Momma cries behind the blinds begging time go by.
I was blind and denied that the sun would ever shine.

They say it takes one to know one and I knew it to well.
Can't look at myself cause what I'm facing is hell.
Track Name: Grudge
My eyes are wide open
But I'm still not awake
I've seen him more than once,
But no touch for pity's sake
Now all i question
Is whether he was real or fake

Is it him or is it me?
When hail is all I see

Left numb, mentally drained.
He is the reason
for days on days of dismay.

Locked up my thoughts
And swallowed the key.
Left to question
If this is really me